Trestles Environmental Corporation is a ELBE, DBE, WBE, SWBE and CUCP certified small business.

About US

Trestles Environmental Corporation ELBE, DBE,SWBE,WBE, CUCP

Habitat Restoration Services



          Compost & Compost Tea

Our Area of Expertise:
Planning & Growing:
•    Habitat Assessments & Wetland Delineations
•    Compost & Compost Tea Production
•    Soil Food Web
•    Wildlife and Plant Surveys
•    CEQA & Impact Studies
•    Regulatory Permitting
•    Habitat Restoration Planning and Design
Implementation & Monitoring
•    Habitat Restoration Implementation Management
•    Construction and Compliance Monitoring
Habitat Conservation
•    Habitat Management & Management Plans
•    Endowment Analysis & PARs
•    Conservation Easements, Ownership Transfers
•    Mitigation Banking
•    Grant Writing